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01 -- Chongqing Jiayu Environment Protection Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd

The company is mainly engaged in the design, construction, equipment production, installation and technical training of environmental protection projects. The company has gathered a group of high-quality environmental protection professional technical personnel, who are engaged in the research and development of various environmental protection technologies by applying physical, chemical and biochemical technology means.

The company comes from a state-owned environmental protection enterprise with more than 20 years of project experience. And many universities, environmental science research institutes, chemical R & D center have a good cooperative R & D relationship. The company has the ability of chemical analysis research and development, fluid performance test, water pollutant purification effect test and analysis. We have experienced engineers and professional technicians to provide customers with advanced, efficient and reliable professional environmental protection engineering solutions.

Since its establishment, the company has actively developed new environmental protection technologies, solved many major technical problems in the process of environmental protection management, and created significant social and economic benefits. With the growing popularity of environmental protection and the growing demand for environmental protection services, Jiayu environmental protection will keep up with the market demand and continue to provide comprehensive environmental protection services for customers in different industries.

Jiayu Environment · Household name

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Engineering / 工程实例
Company culture/ 企业文化

Design concept

Comprehensive utilization priority
Emissions are better than the standard
Lowest operating cost

Quality philosophy

Adhere to the quality control of the whole process, from the design, construction, trial operation, adjustment and acceptance, after-sales service and other stages of "node" monitoring management.

Service philosophy

From the standpoint of the user, consider and solve the problem, be dedicated to the service, and let the user be satisfied.


Purification Equipment/ 净化设备

Jiayu Environment · Household name

  • JYG series exhaust gas purification equipment is composed of shell, packing, packing support, liquid distributor, intermediate support and redistributor, gas and liquid inlet and outlet pipes, etc. The tower shell is made of PP or FRP. The equipment is made of corrosion-resistant materials, with a wide range of use, large gas-liquid contact area, long contact time, strong adaptability of the tower when the gas volume changes, and low resistance of the tower.
    JYG series exhaust gas purification equipment
  • The nitrogen oxide waste gas purification process with acid recovery function (patent number: 2014 2 0621696.5) has solved the problems of large investment, difficult operation, and high operation cost. All acid liquid in acid waste gas is recovered through acid washing recovery. Most of NOx is converted to HNO. Recycling, and then control the secondary generation of NO through patented technology, and finally achieve the emission standard by purifying the absorbent to complex absorption of NO that is not easily soluble in water.
    Acid recovery nitrogen oxide waste gas purification technology
  • Small footprint and flexible installation location: the main structure of the equipment is compact.The clean water after treatment can reach below 3NTU. Insoluble COD can be basically removed.The removal rate of Ss is high, and comes with a sludge concentration system, which can be directly dehydrated.The wastewater treatment capacity of the equipment can be designed according to actual needs.
    JYX Series Coagulation Purifier
  • Small footprint and flexible installation location: the main structure of the equipment is compact. After treatment, the clean water and scum do not need to be pumped, and can be automatically returned, with low investment and low energy consumption. The removal rate of SS is high, insoluble COD can be basically removed;. According to the process requirements, the concentration of scum can be up to 4% or more, which can make the post-processing equipment miniaturized. The operation and maintenance are simple and convenient, and less manual use. The wastewater treatment capacity of the equipment can be designed according to actual needs.
    LYQ series air floatation machine
  • MBR series waste water purifier is an integrated set of water treatment equipment that organically combines membrane separation technology with biological treatment technology and intelligent control technology. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small footprint. Low operating cost, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, easy maintenance and operation. The effluent water quality is good, better than the reclaimed water quality standard. Suitable for the treatment and reuse of sewage in small and medium scale.
    MBR (membrane bioreactor) wastewater purifier
  • Large water permeability and high desalination rate. Normally ≥98%; for organic matter, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat The source and the like have a high retention and removal effect; Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate, and lower operating costs than other desalination equipment; The separation process has no phase change and has reliable stability; the device is small in size, simple in operation, easy to maintain, strong in adaptability and long in service life.
    RO (reverse osmosis) pure water equipment
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  • Purification and recovery system of waste water from cold rolling and rolling production

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